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Visits to institutionalized seniors

Training for Care-givers

clowncare animação idosos cuidar

For us happiness has no age no gender and no expiration date. The "Clowncare - Happiness has no age" project develops programs for institutionalized seniors valuing the role of the clown in gerontological contexts.

In the intervention teams are composed by two clowns interacting individually with seniors to bring humor and laughter through adapted Games, Comic interactions and informal conversations. Interventions have the duration of one hour, on an occasional, weekly or monthly basis.

Benefits of Visits to seniors program:


  • Improves the well-being os seniors;;

  • Reduces isolation and loneliness;

  • Stimulates the imagination and creativity;

  • Potentiates the interaction among the elderly;

  • Stimulates memory;

  • Develops fine motor skills;

  • Increases personal development and self-esteem;

  • Humanizes the elderly support services.


Visits option:


  • 1 Visit - It is ideal to offer an institutionalized family or to celebrate a special date in the institution (International Day of Older Persons, Birthday, Grandparents Day, Happiness Day)


  • Pack 3 visits (for a maximum period of 3 months) - Ideal to recognize short-term benefits of intervention in institutionalized seniors groups.


  • Pack 10 visits p / year - Ideal for creating long-term impact on the institution, with the change of routines, behaviors, and creating a more positive environment.


  • Pack 24 visits p / year - Allows a more regular and more comprehensive intervention, enabling the strengthening of emotional bonds and changing the institutional environment.



Because laughter is a serious matter and we want to play ...
to change the world.

The professionals who care daily of our seniors are very special people. They are responsible for the task of helping when the body does not cooperate any longer as much as we would like to and they are accompanying seniors every day when their family can not.


They are fundamental in supporting the elderly and we know sometimes they also need our help.


Clowncare offers training services for those professionals based on the potential of the Art of Clowning which allows:


  • A more humanized service;

  • More creativity in interaction with seniors;

  • More joy and improved well-being.


Our training courses are adapted to the needs of the institutions .


The goal is not to train clowns, but to raise awareness of these professional about the importance of laughter, creativity and imagination in promoting the well-being of the elderly.


  • Methodology: The training is carried out with use of interactive techniques and practical exercises that can be replicated by care-givers with the elderly


  • Session Duration: 3 hours


  • Group: Max 16 people.


  • Regularity: 1, 2 or 3 sessions according to availability of the institution


We inspire and teach to use humor and interpersonal relationship in gerontology contexts, improving the services and the well-being of care-givers and seniors.




For more information contact us.

Institutions that have already received our visit:

  • Centro Comunitário de Tires, Cascais.


  • Lar Santa Joana Princesa, Lisboa.


  • Lar Nossa Senhora do Amparo, Lisboa.


  • Lar Nossa Senhora do Carmo, Lisboa.


  • Centro Social Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora, Évora.


  • Associação de Reformados, Pensionistas e Idosos de Canaviais, Évora.


  • Casa de Professores de Carcavelos, Cascais.


  • Lar de Idosos Magnólia Villa, Lisboa.


  • Centro Social da Nossa Senhora das Graças, Lisboa.


  • Associação de Moradores do Bairro 25 de Abril, Lisboa.

  • Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Lourinhã, Lourinhã.

  • Centro Social, Paroquial Moita dos Ferreiros, Lourinhã.

  • Associação para o Desenvolvimento de Miragaia, Lourinhã.

  • Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Marteleira, Lourinhã.

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